About the App

This app allows toddlers to trace alphabets on the screen while promising playful learning experience. The alphabets are displayed one by one on a blackboard, and the child can run their finger over the shape of the alphabet. The finger movements on the board get automatically traced with a chalk texture. Whenever the finger leaves the tracing area, the app stops tracing immediately. It means your child will always stay motivated to follow the traces along the shape of the alphabet.
.This game-like learning experience offers great returns while building the basics of school life in your toddler’s mind. Instead of leaving your child with the cartoons on the large TV screen, you allow them to use this creative learning app. Your child will definitely enjoy the experience with a clean tracing display.
Most of the parents feel worried about how to introduce their child to the first lesson of learning. Well, this app can help you better to begin with the English alphabet training. The easy to use and interactive interface make it the best choice for beginners.

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